Catch up on five key trends from The Block Glasshouse

Week after week The Block captures the attention of millions of viewers and is now part of Australian popular culture, particularly amongst those with an interest in interior decoration and design.

Here’s our take on the five key interior decorating trends from The Block Glasshouse so far:


Talk about 50 shades of grey! So far this series we’ve seen grey in at least one room every week. Grey bedrooms, grey bathrooms, grey studies, grey hallways – it’s a popular choice. And rightly so – grey is essentially a neutral colour and works beautifully when paired with it’s best friends black, white and timber. But grey also looks awesome with a pop of colour, something we haven’t seen much of so far this season.

The Block trends_grey

Max and Karstan’s hallway

Grey bathroom on The Block

Chris and Jenna’s bathroom

Dee and Darren grey bedroom

Dee and Darren’s bedroom

When it comes to grey – add a bright pop of colour to really make it the ideal backdrop. And for the perfect grey paint, look no further than Dulux Timeless Grey.


Taking over from the brick laying pattern that’s been so popular with tiling over the last few years is herringbone. Used beautifully by Michael and Carlene in their main bathroom and by Dee and Darren on their study floor, it oozes style and can make even the simplest of materials look special.

Michael and Carlene herringbone bathroom

Michael and Carlene’s bathroom

Dee and Darren study herringbone

Dee and Darren’s study

Keep it modern by using it in just one area of your room and paring everything else back so that it can shine.


Perhaps inspired by the semi-industrial style of this year’s building, the use of dark colours for wardrobes and walk ins has been a popular choice on The Block Glasshouse. A simple switch from white to black can make even the most utilitarian space go from good to great – but lighting in the wardrobe becomes essential when going to the dark side.

Max and Karstan dark walk in

Max and Karstan’s walk in robe

Simon and Shannon dark wardrobes

Simon and Shannon’s bedroom


The Block has propelled a number of artists to fame over the last couple of seasons including Dan & Dani’s work with Andrew O’Brien, Matt & Kim with MYNE by Prudence Caroline and Brad and Dale with Megan Weston.

Artwork has featured strongly again this season. Michael & Carlene have used a number of outstanding pieces by Belynda Henry and Max & Karstan engaged eccentric character Thierry for a number of works.

Michael and Carlene artwork

Michael and Carlene’s bedroom

Max and Karstan artwork

Max and Karstan’s bedroom

Perhaps the most unique idea though came from Chris and Jenna, who in week one engaged photographer Tom Blachford to shoot the rawness of the unfinished building to create beautiful abstract images that would show potential buyers the heritage of the building. Unfortunately, they only seem to have used this approach in their first room and haven’t carried the idea through to subsequent weeks, a real shame as it would have given them a unique and very distinctive selling point come auction day.

Chris and Jenna photograph artwork

Chris and Jenna’s bedroom


In a previous season of The Block, judge Darren Palmer  offered contestants some advice –  use something living in a room.

This season’s contestants have certainly taken that on board – a week hasn’t gone by without a plant of some description in every room. From cute little succulents and a giant cactus through to the whole garden centre featured in Chris and Jenna’s guest bedroom, it seems Darren’s words of wisdom have certainly stuck.

Simon and Shannon cactus in bedroom

Simon and Shannon’s bedroom

Michael and Carlene pot plant styling

Michael and Carlene’s bedroom

Dee and Darren pot plant

Dee and Darren’s bedroom

One thing we’re yet to see is a Fiddle Leaf Fig – possibly the biggest indoor plant trend of the last year.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A Fiddle Leaf Fig. Image via


Hold the press! We’ve got a late entry for our top five trends from The Block – panelling. Used to great effect by Dee & Darren in all of their rooms so far, they’ve created a modern twist on a traditional decorative feature and it’s become their signature.

Darren and Dee panelling in bathroom

Dee and Darren’s bathroom

Dee and Darren bedroom panelling

Dee and Darren’s bedroom

Despite being a hard material it actually adds a softness to their rooms by breaking up an otherwise solid wall. Keeping it simple in white and grey and adding luxurious decoration around it, this could become a popular idea by DIY decorators around Australia.

Catch up on The Block Glasshouse Sundays at 6.30pm and weeknights at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.