Dulux Colour Forecast 2015

Trends in colour are influenced by many things – fashion, culture, the environment, even the general mood in Australia and around the world. When times are tough we embrace colours that cocoon and protect us, like warm neutrals, soft blues and greens. When there’s a feeling of positivity and a buzz about life, we are more experimental with colour and tend to see bold, bright colours come to the fore.

In 2015, the Dulux Colour Forecast is about connection.

“Continual connectivity through technology has reinforced our basic human desire to connect in the real world. Connect with the earth by feeling the soil between our fingers, connect with ourselves by taking time to pause, connect with our heritage by relearning forgotten skills, connect with our playful side by indulging in colour.”

The four themes for 2015 are WILDLAND, SILENT SHIFT, MODHAUS and EARTHWERKS.

Dulux Wildland

Wildland is a beautiful palette inspired by the rawness and extremes of nature, from whites and soft neutrals through to deep blues. My favourites in this palette are Purri Sticks, Powdered Gum and Blue Ash.

Dulux Silent Shift

Silent Shift is about finding a place of rest and relaxation away from the demands of our always-on lives. With a soft and complementary palette of warm pastels, there’s something here for every home. My picks are Mud Berry, Moving Image Design Metallic and Pink Papaya.

Dulux Modhaus


Inspired by the Memphis Movement of the 1980s, Modhaus harks back to a time of unbridled creativity. With bold block colour and contrasting black and white, this palette certainly pops! If you’re feeling brave, team a flash of Hot Embers with Island Sea and Mineral Green.

Dulux Earthwerks

Earthwerks celebrates getting our hands dirty, be it in the garden, in the wild or perhaps through the simple pleasure of making something ourselves. A palette of greens and browns inspired by the earth and minerals, I’m loving Snow Green Quarter, Garden Pond and Ohai Half.

In partnership with the teams from Edwards & Moore and Bonnie & Neil, and with the overall campaign put together by Bree Leech and Heather Nette-King, the combination of colours and styling used in the imagery is simply stunning – I’m really looking forward to using some of the new hues!

The Dulux 2015 Colour Forecast should inspire us all to explore how the colours we use in our homes and work spaces assist us in connecting – to ourselves, each other and the earth.