Hot interior trends for 2014

With the start of the new year just passed and the last of the Christmas decorations packed away, it’s time to re-energise your home! Here are my tips for what will be hot in interiors in 2014.

1. Copper

This precious metal started to make it’s presence felt in the latter part of 2013 and this momentum shows no signs of slowing! The latest metal du jour, copper is a great way to add a touch of luxe to your interior space. From amazing pendants (like the Stanley Copper pendant by Original BTC, available in Australia from Dunlin) to tapware, or something smaller like a vase or Tom Dixon candle, how far you go is up to you. Copper looks amazing with a neutral colour scheme or pair it with pinks (pastel or bright) for a real statement.

Stanley Copper pendant

Stanley Copper pendant by Original BTC from Dunlin

Tom Dixon copper pendant

Tom Dixon copper pendant

Eclectic by Tom Dixon candle

Eclectic by Tom Dixon candle

2. Black kitchens

Whilst it will always be hard to budge an all white kitchen from the top of the style list, fortune favours the brave when it comes to embracing your dark side. Cabinetry in all shades of grey, from a light dove colour through to charcoals and inky blacks, are appearing in all the design magazines, set off with pops of metal (see above!) and natural textures like wood and marble.

Black kitchen

Image via Pinterest

Black kitchen

Kitchen by Beatrix Rowe Interior Design

3. Colour

Pantone have already announced their colour of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, but I wonder if this will influence fashion more than interiors. For my money, we’ll continue to see the use of yellow as an accent colour, along with it’s favourite friend blue – think cobalt and deep turquoise.

Yellow cupboards

Image via

Yellow chairs

Image via Pinterest

4. Meet the maker

The fascination with handmade was a real force in 2013 and this looks set to continue in the new year. Less about the products themselves and more about the people and process behind them, there are so many amazing artists in Australia designing and making everything from furniture to tiny terrariums. As well as reducing our carbon footprint by buying local, we should also be supporting our home grown makers simply because what they do is awesome and up there with the best in the world.

Mark Tuckey table

Table by Mark Tuckey

Mooo stool by Lightly

Mooo stool by Lightly

Dining table Nathan Day Design

Commissioned marri dining table by Nathan Day Design

5. Greenery

As sales of the Fiddle Leaf Fig continue to soar, so too does our obsession with greenery indoors. The blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor spaces also continues and the latest eco trend for buildings is the green living roof. Whether you’re a fully fledged green thumb or perhaps like me, you even manage to kill off a succulent, there’s a plant out there for you. (As an aside, we recently bought an indoor plant called Zanzibar Gem which actually said “Do not water this plant” on it’s label – sounds good to me!).

Miniscapes terrarium

Terrarium from Miniscapes