Live With What You Lve

Ever since I first got to choose the colour of my childhood bedroom, I’ve loved interior design. I love the creativity of bringing together different elements to make a room work and I especially love finding things that have meaning, a story.

After almost 15 years working in corporate marketing roles, I took time out to have a baby and enjoy watching him grow. This time has given me an opportunity to explore my creative side further and to reflect on how I want to spend the rest of my working life. The answer does not lie behind a desk in a big corporate – it lies amongst floor plans, pendant lights, elevations, bathroom tiles and kitchen cabinetry.

yellow letterbox is about making great style accessible, engaging and personal. We work with you to help you find your individual style and then reflect that in your home, office or retail space.

My design and decoration motto –
Live with what you love.


Rebecca Pountney

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