Home Beautiful – July 2018

Rebecca was asked to contribute her thoughts on Mid Century Modern design, which was so much fun as this is one of our all time favourite styles.

“To me, the hallmarks of mid century modern as an interior design style are texture, natural materials and organic, sculptural forms. There’s a focus on functionality as well as aesthetics and a simplicity that allows this style to work well in a contemporary context.

Architecturally, mid century home design really focused on working with, rather than against, the natural environment and I think this really transferred to the interiors, with the use of a very Australian colour and materials palette.

The soft, organic forms of mid century furniture still work so well in a contemporary interior so this style is an easy one to incorporate into your home without having to completely refurnish your whole house. A statement armchair, classic Danish sideboard or feature wool rug are the perfect places to start.” – Rebecca Pountney



Home Beautiful – October 2017

In a feature on Kitchens, Rebecca was asked for her advice on what to consider when designing the space, selecting materials and injecting personality.

“The most important thing to consider when designing a kitchen is how you use it. If you’re a passionate cook who loves entertaining, your needs are going to be quite different to someone who only knows their way around a microwave! This goes for everything from the layout to the materials you use.

The second most important thing is budget. Kitchens are expensive and unless you have unlimited funds, chances are you’re going to have to make compromises and understanding where to spend your money (and where not to) is critical.

The design of your kitchen should be thought of in the overall context of your home – both in terms of placement within your floor plan and it’s aesthetic. It’s also the place to have some fun and express your personal style – by keeping the larger elements simple and timeless, you can add detail and interest with handles, lighting and even appliances.” – Rebecca Pountney




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