“Pop Art is for everyone”

Andy Warhol was a creative genius – who else could turn a humble can of tomato soup into a famous piece of art?

32 Campbell’s Soup Cans was produced by Warhol in 1962 and was pivotal in introducing pop art to a broader audience. By all accounts, he was particularly fond of a steaming bowl of tomato soup!

To celebrate this anniversary, Campbell’s Soup has released a series of four commemorative cans, each featuring a famous Warhol quote.

Campbell's Soup Warhol cans

The series of limited edition Andy Warhol cans from Campbell’s Soup

Whilst I’d love to have an original Warhol on my wall, the crafty side of me is looking forward to what I can create with these four cans – well, 28 cans actually (at $1 each that’s a cheap piece of art!).