The Block Fans v Faves – First room reveals

Week One of The Block Fans v Faves is over and with the first rooms delivered, we’ve finally got a glimpse into the layout and style of each couple’s apartment.

The winners this week were twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra, who delivered a stylish guest bedroom, complete with a raised study nook. It’s clear that the girls learnt a great deal from their time on The Block last year as their styling seems to come together pretty effortlessly, leaving them more time to think about structural changes and wow factors for their rooms. I’m not entirely convinced about the study nook – I like the look of the floating stairs and it certainly adds to the New York loft style they’re going for, but is it necessary in a guest bedroom? On the plus side, their colour palette was gorgeous, they used great pendant lights next to the bed and their curtains really made the room. Alisa and Lysandra are definitely off to a good start.

Alisa_Lysandra guest bedroom

Alisa & Lysandra’s winning guest bedroom

Alisa_Lysandra guest bedroom 2

The raised study area in Alisa & Lysandra’s guest bedroom

In equal second place were Kyal and Kara, and the boys, Brad and Dale. Kyal and Kara are definitely proving to be stiff competition for the twins and their guest bedroom and WIR this week were beautifully executed. Love the bluestone tiled floors (complete with underfloor heating) and the bespoke timber shelving, courtesy of carpenter Kyal. The pendant lights that won them the challenge earlier in the week also looked great. I agree with Block judge Neale Whitaker that the room was possibly a bit over styled – perhaps the chair or plant could have been taken away to reduce the clutter slightly. But all in all, a fantastic first round effort from these guys – definitely ones to watch.

Kyal_Kara guest bedroom

Kyal and Kara’s guest bedroom


Kyal_Kara guest bedroom

Bespoke shelf and pendant lights in Kyal & Kara’s guest bedroom

Brad and Dale should be incredibly proud of the room they delivered this week – despite their acknowledged lack of styling expertise, they pulled together a pretty coherent look for their guest bedroom. The pale grey panelling behind the bed was simply beautiful and really the high point of the room. They wisely kept things simple and let this and their Megan Weston circular artwork do the talking. Floor to ceiling sheer white curtains kept things soft and their WIR was well set out. The boys can definitely pick up their game in terms of finishing touches like linen and cushions but when it comes to the big (and arguably more important) stuff like layout and fixtures, they’ve done an awesome job. Keep it up boys!

Brad_Dale guest bed

Brad and Dale’s guest bedroom with gorgeous grey cabinetry


Brad_Dale guest bed artwork

A circular Megan Weston artwork is the feature in Brad and Dale’s guest bedroom

Coming in last place this week, after a very tough introduction to life on The Block, were Chantelle and Steve. Their study/guest bedroom seemed much smaller than the other couples though perhaps this will be an advantage in their layout later on. Whilst their fancy spinning desk/bed combo was a novelty and did allow them to create a multifunctional space, I think a traditional bedroom with a small desk area included would have worked better. Their styling was a bit hit and miss – I quite liked the novelty of the Melbourne poster blind but everything else needed to be pared back to let that stand out – and they should have opted for simple white roller blinds on their other window rather than the panelled sheer blinds they used. I really hope these two have better luck this week – I was chatting to Darren Palmer at an event last week and he assured me that they eventually find their design mojo!

Chantelle_Steve guest bed

Chantelle & Steve’s guest bedroom


Chantelle_Steve guest bed study

Chantelle & Steve’s guest bedroom in study mode

A number of the items used in the guest bedrooms are already available on The Block Shop, including the Deer print used by Alisa and Lysandra in their winning room.

This week we get to see the teams create their first bathroom plus a laundry and outdoor drying terrace. Based on last night’s episode, I think we’re going to see four very different apartments emerge on Sunday. Stay tuned!┬áThe Block Fans v Faves is on Channel Nine, with the next room reveals this Sunday at 6.30pm AEDT.