The Block Fans v Faves – Week Three Room Reveals

Another bedroom week on The Block Fans v Faves and I have to agree with the judges, Kyal and Kara were the clear winners this week. Their use of the timber feature wall was beautiful, styling was spot on and the design is consistent with what they’re delivering across their other rooms.

Kyal and Kara bedroom

So what makes a good bedroom?

1. Simple, fuss free design

Bedrooms are a sanctuary from the day to day and the best way to create a feeling of calm is to keep things clutter-free. Despite current trends, I’m not a fan of overloading a bed with cushions (which inevitably end up on the floor every night) so keep it simple with 2 pillows on each side of the bed and maybe one (or two if you must) decorative cushions.

2. Layering textures

This is what Kyal and Kara did so well. The hard lines of the timber were softened by it’s colour, and also through the use of soft, billowy sheer curtains. The wire frame chair in the corner was also a nice contrast to the soft bedding and carpet. Layers make things feel more luxurious and this is a great way to up the comfort factor in your bedrooms.

Layered bedroom

A great example of using layers and texture to create a stylish bedroom. Image via

3. Muted palette

Don’t be afraid to use colour in a bedroom, but stick to what I’ll call “neutral” colours – earthy tones, greys, or greyed pastels. White can be a tricky colour to use and can feel quite clinical in a bedroom so if you’re going to use it on all your walls, make sure you use some natural textures to soften it and consider using a warmer white paint such as Dulux Natural White or Resene Alabaster.