The Block Sky High – Bec & George

After a particularly tough time on The Block Sky High, Bec and George deserve a lot of credit for producing a beautiful apartment. They had a particular style, essentially clean and modern, that they stuck to religiously and the result is a cohesive apartment that is a strong reflection of the heart and soul they poured into it.


A stylish kitchen – With a simple white palette and clean lines, this kitchen would be a pleasure for anyone to cook and entertain in. The vintage poster on the wall added a much needed pop of colour and tied in with other artworks in their apartment.

Bec George kitchen

A clean, white, streamlined kitchen will appeal to lots of people

A gorgeous terrace – Another simple, stylish room from this Melbourne couple. Accents of timber in the kitchen, ceiling feature and dining table work beautifully in this space. A great design that incorporated the bbq area, dining and a full size lounge area. Stunning.


The study/bedroom – It’s tough to be critical of this room as it came at the peak of Bec and George’s toughest time on The Block, but even after redoing it in the final week, it’s still a bit of a disaster (which is a shame because the adjoining ensuite is lovely!). Rather than styling this as a study with the option of a bedroom, they should have stuck to creating another inviting sleeping space with the addition of that built in desk as that couch just does not work.

Bec George study

Is it a study with an ensuite? Is it a bedroom? Not their best work.

The bar – The 1970’s called and they want their cocktail bar back. What were they thinking? If they really wanted to use this space for drinks preparation, they should have gone with the wine cellar option like Matt and Kim. Far more stylish and far more appropriate for today.