The Block Sky High – Madi & Jarrod

Madi and Jarrod were The Block Sky High’s youngest couple and I feel that this shows in the finished styling of their apartment. On the plus side, it’s quite minimal and inoffensive but it lacks cohesion from room to room, which is particularly unfortunate given they had the sub penthouse.


A blank canvas – Madi and Jarrod’s styling ended up being quite simple and minimal after some obvious fix ups after the final room. The living/dining/kitchen area is a good example – gone is the coloured cabinetry around the TV, replaced with a more neutral colour scheme, along with a new couch and neutral floor rug. The advantage of this is that it will give the new owners a bit of free reign in styling the apartment to their individual taste (though they do get all the furniture, artworks and accessories included!).

MJ living area

Lots of white and simple styling make this a blank canvas for the new owners

Simple, elegant terrace – On a tight budget, Madi and Jarrod produced a gorgeous terrace area, complete with travertine floors, that would have looked at home on the pages of any high quality interiors magazine. It definitely displayed their growth in styling and design through the competition – just a shame it took them until the last room!


The foyer – Again, despite a second attempt at this room in the final week, Madi and Jarrod still failed to deliver a suitably styled foyer for their sub penthouse apartment. It was bland, boring and didn’t have a “wow” feature that welcomed you in or gave you a taste of what was to come – or maybe it did, and that was part of the problem!

MJ foyer

A bit underwhelming as an entrance to a sub penthouse

Laundry off the dining room – I’m not sure what their thinking was here, given they had a combined laundry/powder room off their foyer area. I can see how an apartment this size could warrant a separate laundry but putting it next to the dining area was never going to work. A wasted opportunity for a study area or expanded pantry/wine cellar.

Lack of cohesion – Overall, I think the biggest weakness in Madi and Jarrod’s apartment is the lack of flow between the rooms. Their styling was a bit all over the place and even the room they won (which wasn’t a favourite of mine) was a major departure from anything else in their apartment – that chartreuse yellow is very on trend but quite full on for a bedroom.