The Block Sky High – Matt & Kim

Next up in my wrap up of The Block Sky High is the Level Two apartment from Matt & Kim. Definitely the couple who underwent the biggest design journey on the block, from their crazy Jackson Pollock inspired bedroom in week one through to their sublime terrace in the final week. This couple from WA were anything but predictable and the result is an on trend, funky, unique apartment that is right at home in Melbourne.


A winning terrace – With a score of 29/30 from the judges, Matt and Kim took out terrace week with a stunning cream and blue colour palette that was warm, inviting and incredibly stylish. Maximising the space by incorporating a kitchen/BBQ area, full lounge suite with built in, drop down screen and projector plus a dining table and chairs, this is the ultimate entertaining space.

Matt Kim terrace

Matt and Kim have created a sublime living space on their terrace

Matt’s beautiful glassface cement walls – Putting his rendering skills to good use, Matt demonstrated this gorgeous feature on a number of walls in their apartment. It’s a very industrial look but is amazing when paired with natural timber and pops of colour, which these guys did so well. Matt’s now started a business doing this rendering work across Australia – check him out at


Industrial design – To be honest, I’m stretching a bit here but it’s fair to say that Matt and Kim’s sharp, modern apartment is not going to suit everyone. With lots of hard, industrial surfaces (like the cement walls, tiling rather than floorboards and lots of white) this is definitely not a family apartment – it’s far more suited to a professional couple or perhaps some empty nesters looking for something new and modern. As I say, bit of a stretch to say it’s a bad point because the styling is gorgeous, but it may have put off some buyers.

Matt Kim the bad

Unusual artworks and lots of hard, industrial type surfaces could put off some buyers

Polarising artworks – Again, I’m being incredibly picky to call this a bad point but some of their artwork choices were definitely challenging! Whilst most of the pieces were outstanding and perfect for the space, I can’t say I love this one of the dog above or their creepy ghost lady in the master bedroom!