The Block Sky High – Trixie & Johnno

After starting out as red hot favourites thanks to their initial win of the penthouse and years of renovating experience, Trixie and Johnno had a quite challenging time on The Block Sky High. Not until kitchen week did they get their first win and they constantly seemed to battle the judges over what they believed was good styling. Overall I think they’ve delivered a pretty good apartment – possibly not penthouse worthy, but with some unique features and certainly a high quality building finish, they should have walked away very proud.


Unique features – What Trixie and Johnno did well was create some unique features in their apartment that added a sense of personality to the space. The unusual tiles in their his & hers ensuites, statement wallpaper in the foyer and wooden tile wall in the first bedroom all worked together to demonstrate a particular sense of style. The judges may not have always liked it but I thought they did a nice job and set themselves apart from some of the more mainstream styling in the other apartments.

TJ feature tiles

Not to everyone’s taste, but these tiles certainly make a strong statement – I love them!

Family friendly kitchen – With loads of storage, bench space and a nice eating area off the island bench, Trixie and Johnno were worthy winners of kitchen week. A simple white palette accentuated by touches of timber and a vertical herb garden create a welcoming room that is sure to be the heart of this house.


Lack of dining space inside – In my opinion, one of the biggest downfalls of this apartment is the lack of a formal dining space. Whilst there is a small table for four people within the kitchen, the primary dining area is on the terrace and only offers bench seating. Obviously this can be changed by the new owners but I think it was a big oversight by the couple in a market where clearly the buyers were likely to be entertaining guests at home – with those amazing views who wouldn’t!

TJ dining

A table on the terrace with bench seats is not comfortable or practical for regular dining

Atrium on terrace – Another strange decision by Trixie and Johnno was the inclusion of a rock atrium at one end of their terrace. Not only was it clunky to get in and out of, more importantly it was a huge waste of space. Interestingly this was removed prior to the auction so clearly they took the judges advice (and harsh scores for that week!) and remedied their mistake.