The right white

Paint is an easy – and often cost effective – way to make a big difference to a room. There are literally thousands of different colours to choose from, and a huge number of those are “white”.

But as many of you would know, deciding to paint your room white isn’t really a decision – you’ve now got to wade through hundreds of different “whites” to choose exactly the right one for you!

Perhaps the best place to start is by deciding whether you want a warm white or a cool white. Warm whites tend to be creamier and can work well with more traditional colour schemes and furnishings or in a house that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Conversely, cool whites work well with modern fit outs and can balance out a room that gets lots of natural light or has warm features like wooden floors.

Without stating the obvious, the only way for you to decide which white is going to be best for your space is to hot foot it down to your local paint supplier and grab yourself some of those sample cards. Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to two or three options, it’s absolutely worth buying a small sample pot and painting a section of wall in your room to see exactly what the colour will look like.

Here are a couple of my favourite whites, just to get you started.

Dulux “Lexicon Half” – this is a cool white with the slightest touch of grey. The “half” in the name indicates that this is a half strength version of “Lexicon”.

Wattyl “Manhattan Snow” – this is another cool white with the tiniest bit of blue, but otherwise what might be referred to as a “white white”!

Dulux “Natural White” – a slightly creamy white which looks great in almost all spaces that need a neutral tone.

Wattyl “Chalkdust” – a warm, creamy white with a red undertone, this looks lovely in modern spaces that need some warmth.