Why you’ll love Apple’s iOS7

Stay with me – I realise this doesn’t sound much like a post you’d find on an interiors blog but it’ll be worth it!

The iPhone has just become your new best friend when it comes to hanging artwork, shelving – anything in your house that needs to be perfectly straight! With the release today of iOS7, your iPhone now includes a very handy spirit level.

iPhone spirit level

You’ll find it in the Compass app, just swipe to the second screen and there it is. No need to hunt through the shed/garage/tool box for a big unwieldy traditional spirit level any longer!

If you’re lucky enough to have nabbed one of the new iPhone 5c or 5s today (I tried for the champagne one but alas, looks like I’ll have to wait for more stock to arrive!) then your phone will be preloaded with the new software but if you have an older version, just head to iTunes for the update and start levelling!