Wrapping up The Block Sky High

I can’t believe The Block is over again. This series has been a really interesting one, with the focus seeming to be much more on the styling of the rooms rather than structural differences, by nature of the building they were working with. To me, this has meant that there is much less differentiation between the apartments than in previous iterations of the show and the contestants have very much been more interior decorators than renovators (though they may argue otherwise)!

Here’s my take on what The Block has taught us:

1. Well considered design is critical

Of all the couples competing, Alisa and Lysandra seemed to pay most attention to the functionality of their rooms, ensuring they were practical as well as stylish. Wherever possible they included storage (without compromising on design) and considered how their buyers were going to live in the apartment. This was reflected in their master ensuites (where space wasn’t compromised with a bath, but instead this element was the feature in the sumptuous dressing room) and their two living areas, which both worked as multi-use spaces for casual dining and entertaining.

Ultimately, it paid off with the girls taking out the $100,000 prize money despite being on Level One.

2. Artwork is critical in finishing off a room

There was a lot more focus on the choice of artworks in this series and it seemed to play a key role in the judging each week. I certainly agree with the judges that the right piece of art (or the wrong one) can have a huge effect on how a room feels and generally, I felt that the contestants did a fantastic job at finding pieces that worked with their style and room design – especially on such short timeframes.

Matt Kim artwork

Statement artworks feature strongly in Matt and Kim’s apartment, including this one from http://www.myne.net.au/

Which brings me nicely to my third point…

3. Everyone can benefit from an interior designer

If you look closely at the suppliers lists from each of the rooms presented, you’ll notice that a lot of the items, particularly the artworks, lead back to an interior design company (who also represents a number of artists, including the one featured above). Those of you who were avid watchers of the series would also know that both Trixie and Johnno, as well as Matt and Kim, formed relationships with particular retail stores who they consistently went back to each week when styling their rooms.

It’s clear from this series that the teams took advantage of some professional styling advice, be it to source hard to find artworks or items or pull a whole room look together. Madi and Jarrod even openly used a landscape design service to create their gorgeous courtyard in the final room challenge.

Having some professional interior styling or design advice can be hugely beneficial to ensure your space, be it a single room or whole house, works both in terms of it’s layout and design as well as the finishing touches like furniture and artworks.

It certainly paid off for the Blockheads, who each took home over $200,000 last night!