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Catch up on five key trends from The Block Glasshouse

Week after week The Block captures the attention of millions of viewers and is now part of Australian popular culture, particularly amongst those with an interest in interior decoration and design. Here’s our take on the five key interior decorating trends from The Block Glasshouse so far: 1. GREY Talk about 50 shades of grey!… Read More →

The Block Fans v Faves – Week Two room reveals

Another huge week on The Block Fans v Faves, with the teams revealing three rooms each on Sunday night – a guest bathroom, laundry and drying terrace. Very worthy winners this week were the boys, Brad and Dale, who delivered an outstanding bathroom, tucked away European laundry and used their drying terrace as an outdoor… Read More →

Bathroom trends

Bathrooms are no longer just practical areas of our houses with a standard toilet, shower and basin arrangement. With a huge range of new products on the market, the bathroom has become a place to express your style and personality. There are two key trends I’m loving at the moment – the first is the… Read More →