The Block Sky High – Alisa & Lysandra

Stunning, stunning, stunning!

A big congratulations to Alisa and Lysandra for taking out the top prize in The Block Sky High. I must say, of all the apartments, theirs was my favourite in terms of both style and design – so there’ll be more good than bad points below! Overall, their apartment was a beautiful, practical, stylish space that I’m sure will be treasured by the new owners.


Storage – The twins did an outstanding job of including smart storage solutions in all areas of their apartment, in particular their kitchen and the hidden storage in their foyer. As mothers of young kids, they clearly used their experience to design practical storage options around the house to ensure everything has it’s place.

Alisa Lysandra foyer

Smart storage is beautifully incorporated into the foyer with mirrored cupboards and that feature wall of timber cabinetry

Beautiful bathrooms – As Neale Whitaker said, these girls were definitely the Queens of Bathrooms! They were all classically designed and styled using quality finishes with some luxury touches. Also worth a big mention is that bathtub in the dressing room – gorgeous (and I’m not really a bath person!).

Classic styling and beautiful finishes – Every room in the twins’ apartment benefited from their attention to detail, both in workmanship and styling. They created a modern, contemporary space that felt warm and inviting. With feature touches including tile selections, pendant lights and that beautiful grasscloth wallpaper in the study, they really did a fantastic job.


The terrace – Whilst the kitchen and dining area on their terrace was great, it was let down by the absence of a lounge area. The feature swinging chairs are lovely and quirky, but they needed to include a couch or some additional seating to really make the most of this space.

AL terrace

Missing an opportunity for a lounge area on their terrace

I’m struggling to find any other bad points in all honesty! Alisa and Lysandra did an outstanding job creating an enviable apartment and were deserved winners.